Ireland is renowned for being the country of the “one hundred-thousand welcomes!”.

Over the past decade, Ireland has quickly become one of the most diverse, multicultural and welcoming countries in Europe with the population of just under five million people.

Ireland’s people are warm and ready to accept others.
Ireland possesses a range of beautiful sites scattered all across the country that would soothe anyone’s senses! The Phoenix Park, situated in the city of Dublin, is the largest park in Europe. With its deer herds, polo ground, cricket and football grounds, it is accessible to the public all year round.

The Irish culture is beautiful! It is centred on music, dance, literature and, as they say in Ireland “the craíc” (Irish for “fun, entertainment or convivial conversation!).

The universities are prestigious and inclusive. They provide quality education and are highly rated in the world university rankings. Lectures are delivered in the English language. The standard of teaching is exceptional.

Schools operate like a community with various supports for students, inclusion programmes, scholarship, mental health, wellbeing, student societies, to name but a few.

Students are allowed a two-year stay after study which provides those who may which to remain in Ireland an opportunity for navigating, exploring and finding a permanent job.

The Irish economy is an open economy which has developed a flourishing foreign investment sector. Over one-thousand FDI giants in ICT, Social Media, Pharmaceuticals and Finance have made Ireland the hub of their European operations – such as Google, HP, Apple, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme.

Another factor that influenced big-tech basing themselves in Ireland is the high standard of education – which means greater opportunities for recently qualified students, regardless of nationality, having immediate access to a wide breath of job opportunities.

The exit of UK from the EU leaves Ireland the only English speaking country in the EU. This advantage, coupled with the historical and geographical relationship between the UK and Ireland, makes Ireland attractive to more investment opportunities.

Attracting foreign investments has been Ireland’s super power for a while and utilising the opportunity presented by Brexit has begun to increase wealth and deepen foreign relations. This, coupled with the recent multi-million Euro investment in third-level education – including the development of a whole new Government Department centred on adult re-training and further education, separate from the Department of Education – has already resulted in increased job opportunities and better welfare for the people. So Ireland will always be in need of qualified people to take up jobs for the companies and investments it attracts.

All we can say to those interested in studying in Ireland is
“Céad mile fáilte romhat” – “A hundred-thousand Welcomes to YOU!”.

In summary
Quality and standard education provided in English
career opportunities
Study in a friendly/warm environment
Two-years work visa after study
Explore and discover the beautiful Irish culture and world renowned scenery!