France is viewed well by international students as a destination for studying abroad. Students who studied abroad in France have reported that the nation offers a fantastic multicultural study experience, bringing together cultures from all over the world. Students are appreciative of the lovely, developed cities and the wide range of social opportunities. Overall, perceptions of French culture and urban life were more favourable than the average for Europe. Even the smaller cities have entertaining student activities available.

The proximity to other European nations and significant cities also attracted the students, who expressed interest in the possibilities for exploring the nation and its surroundings. The events that French colleges put on and the acquaintances they made while studying abroad seem to have satisfied reviewers. Since France has nicer weather than many other countries in Europe, students rarely complain about it.

The prestige of French universities abroad and the generally high academic standards pleased students who studied there. Universities in France offer a wide selection of study subjects and good opportunities to do research in sophisticated facilities. Although English-taught courses are available, the majority of classes are taught in French. The chance for students to improve their French language proficiency through enjoyable social interactions made them pleased.