LAAM Global supports colleges and universities we have collaborated with in the recruitment of students. These connections have the benefit of enabling us to inform you of the outcome of your application much more quickly. We are able to assist you in negotiating with the university so you can transfer to a new course if you begin your degree and are unhappy with it. Additionally, some educational institutions offer ongoing assistance while you are studying.

LAAM Global also offers to assist students in making travel and lodging arrangements. Although transportation can be set up relatively quickly, don't wait until the last minute to apply for housing. The university won't be able to guarantee a spot for you if you wait too long because domestic students sometimes reserve student halls ahead of time in highly sought-after study locations. This could be a problem for students who need a visa because it would slow down the application process. Therefore, talking with us agency about your possibilities can be beneficial.

We can assist you with the visa application and interview preparation if this is your first time traveling to study abroad and your stay will necessitate a student visa. Visa regulations vary from nation to nation. These regulations occasionally undergo rapid revision. LAAM Global can help you with your visa application because we are more aware of these changes.

Information and Support Services

Provide information on course search and admission requirements.

Provide support through the application process

Provide information on available scholarship opportunities.

Guidance on payment of acceptance and tuition fees.

Provide information on how to secure the best insurance deal.

Guidance/support on visa application requirements and process.

Provide support on securing on/off campusaccommodation before or after arrival.

Provide support/information on best utility and internet and service providers for off-campus students.

Provide support with GNIB and PPSN registration.

Provide support with job search with students who wish to work part-time.

Immigration support and advice.

General Information for students.

Currency Exchange.

Opening of Irish bank account.

Promotions and Business Development

Organise educational marketing events

Presence at educational fairs

Attend international education conferences

Maintaining positive relationship with educational institutions and key stakeholders

Digital and social media marketing

Create and maintain a “key stakeholders” network